Borough Deans

Ecumenical Borough Deans are senior, local clergy representing the Christian denominations in each London Borough, who meet regularly as a forum and representative group for the churches.

The Ecumenical Borough Deans now form part of the London Churches Social Action Network.

For more information, see our Borough Deans HANDBOOK

The roles of Borough Deans:

To maintain links between the churches and the local borough councils and their officers, in a way to be the ‘voice of the churches’ at borough level.

To encourage co-operative action on behalf of the churches in each borough on matters of social concern e.g. homelessness and other community projects, regeneration and local strategic partnerships and community strategies.

To encourage general ecumenical and interfaith co-operation including forging links with local Churches Together or similar groups and with representatives of other faiths.

Their focus is on issues of social justice and community service, values which are rooted in the Christian faith and teaching.

Historical note:

A network of ecumenical borough deans was first established by the Greater London Churches Council (GLCC) in 1976. Anglican and Roman Catholic area deans already existed in each of the London Boroughs and Free Churches were asked to appoint someone in each borough to serve in this capacity as well. The GLCC co-ordinated this network and the deans held an annual meeting.  In 1987 the London Churches Group (LCG), the successor body to GLCC, undertook to revive the network. A general consultation was held and guidelines were agreed regarding membership, role and meetings. In 2006 the London Churches Group received a grant from the Faith Communities Capacity Building Fund to employ consultants to review and develop the Borough Dean network and develop the Handbook. The reality is that the Borough Deans have functioned well in some Boroughs and not in others, hence the incorporation in 2013 of the Borough Deans into the London Churches Social Action Network.