Housing Crisis

Housing Crisis Common Voice May 2017 

London Churches conducted a theological enquiry process on the Housing Crisis.

To see the results of the enquiry process, click HERE

The extended seminar as part of the enquiry took place on 20th October  2016

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We encourage you to listen to the contributions made on the day, and send us your thoughts and reflections to contribute to the Common Voice process.

“Crisis? What kind of crisis?” 

Input from the Alison Gelder ( Chief Executive of Housing Justice) (LISTEN HERE)

or (WATCH HERE) ; slides from the presentation (HERE)

and Revd James Bryson  (Anglican Borough Dean for Greenwich) (LISTEN HERE)


“Is it a Crisis of the Churches?” 

Input by Redv Graham Hunter (Vicar of St. John's, Hoxton) (LISTEN HERE)


and Theophilis Shaw (Public Policy Researcher for the Diocese of Southwark) (LISTEN HERE)


Panel ''What can be done in response to the Housing Crisis?'' (WATCH HERE)

Cllr Averil Lekau (Cabinet Member for Housing, Royal Borough of Greenwich)(LISTEN HERE)

Roy Tindle (Just Space Economic Policy Group) (LISTEN HERE)

Alison gelder - London Community Land Trust (LISTEN HERE)

Simon Tanner -Y:Cube(LISTEN HERE)

See also Chloe Thomson's report and reflections on the day.