London Church Leaders

London Churches Social Action reports to the London Church Leaders, a twice-yearly breakfast meeting of representative Anglican, Baptist, Catholic, Independent, Methodist, Orthodox, Pentecostal, Salvation Army, and United Reformed senior church leaders.

This currently includes the following:

Vincent Nichols, The Archbishop of Westminster (Catholic)

Peter Smith, The Archbishop of Southwark (Catholic)

Paul Hendricks, Auxillary Bishop of Southwark (Catholic)

Kevin Hale, The Vicar General of Brentwood Diocese (Catholic)

Vacancy, The Bishop of London (Anglican)

Christopher Chessun, The Bishop of Southwark (Anglican)

Stephen Cottrell, The Bishop of Chelmsford

Peter Hill, The Bishop of Barking (Anglican)

Adrian Newman, The Bishop of Stepney (Anglican)

James Langstaff, The Bishop of Rochester (Anglican)

Jonathan Clark, The Bishop of Croydon (Anglican)

Michaela Youngson, London District Chair (Methodist)

Nigel Cowgill, London District Chair (Methodist)

Andrew Prasad, Moderator of North Thames Synod (URC)

Nicola Furley-Smith, Moderator of Southern Synod (URC)

Val Mylcreest, South London Commander (Salvation Army)

Jenine Main, North London Commander (Salvation Army)

Steve Clifford, General Director (Evangelical Alliance)

Phil Barnard, London Regional Team Leader (Baptist)

Fidelia Opukiri (Council of African & Afro-Caribbean Churches)

Gregorios, Archbishop of Thyateira and Great Britain (Orthodox)

Hugh Osgood, Chair (Churches in Communities International)


Steven Saxby, Executive Officer (London Churches Social Action)